alaskan husky

Alaskan Husky Pictures (also known as sled dogs)

As you will see by the alaskan husky pictures below, sled dogs come in many shapes and sizes. Since they are not AKC registered, and are bred for pulling a dog sled, they do not have specific breeding guidelines. That said, Mushers are very specific in what makes a good racing sled dog. Breeding lines, athleticism, drive, and speed are important alaskan husky traits in Mushing circles.

The smaller dogs usually weigh around 40-55 pounds, and often used for distance racing.

The medium sized sized sled dog weighs approximately 55-65 pounds and are often used for sprint racing.

The larger dog weigh in around 65-80 pounds and are used for weight pulling.

These are just guidelines A sled dog of any size can be used for each of these categories. Conformation, willingness to do the job, and effort are also strong determining factors.

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

alaskan husky pictures

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cheyanne & yukon 
This is a picture of our huskies. Since this picture was taken we had to let miss cheyanne go to be with the rest in doggy heaven. We miss her so.

Our 4mo. old husky/malamute mix Suka 
He just blew his fist coat. Giving him a shaggy bald look haha

my husky x shepherd..........CHEROKEE 
This is my beautiful cuddly bear Cherokee, just posing for the camera

this is tia my loved husky 
Tia taking a stroll

Gone Hiking! 
Chief was a stray when we found him but we soon learned where he came from. Prior to him finding us, Chief was chained to a tree and never got to exercise. …

Sweet Tess 
Posing along the block wall.


My Beatiful Dogs 
My dogs are playing and have a good time.

Kaiya! Not rated yet
Kaiya had a full first day with her family. Kaiya went to baseball, a pet expo, and visited both grandparents before arriving home to rest in the yard. …

Mishka Not rated yet
Well we just came back from training and she was laying down so i wanted to take a picture because she always moves when she has lots of energie so the …

Kody Not rated yet
Enjoying a beautiful fall day by the creek.

AROOO ROOO ROOO ROOO (I swear i didn't do it) Not rated yet
I had just caught Archer shreading paper, he is giving attitude back! (7 months old)

Animosh Not rated yet
At the time this photo was taken, Animosh was a 4 month old Hedlund Gray Husky. You can learn more about this specialized and special line of 'old school' …

" where's the snow then mum ?" Not rated yet
Luna is waiting for the snow i think? this would be her first taste of snow but it dosent look like we are going to get any this side of the year, such …

Mica Spell it Right Not rated yet
This is Mica. We tried to go for awhile with just Yukon, but Yukon took it harder than we thought he would. After a few months we knew we had to search …

good only when sleeping Not rated yet
Yukon enjoying some quit time while she's napping.

my baby laying down Not rated yet
she in the backyard laying down enjoying this beautiful weather.....

Buck Buck Not rated yet
Buck waiting at the gate.

Frustrated Husky Not rated yet
Zipper is not willing to wait in the car any longer for some backwoods running...

Our 7mo. old husky/malamute mix Suka Not rated yet
He was TRYING to take a nap. :)

Baby Odin Not rated yet
At the moment of this photo me and Odin had just came back from a long walk... it was nap time for my puppy

say cheese Not rated yet
One of the few times they stayed still long enough to get a pic.

Lazy... Not rated yet
Sleeping on the couch.

Professor Diesel van der Westhuizen Not rated yet
Diesel is being is normal self, having a relaxed pose with my husbands glasses on.

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Zena =) Not rated yet
This is Zena playing and eating her bone first day we got her :)

Kiba Not rated yet
Another day hanging outside playing and watching other people and dogs passing by.

Kiba Not rated yet
Kiba and I was out playing in a huge area where he could run free.

Anouk likes beer... Not rated yet
On a mountain tour last year we reached a small hut in the Austrian Alps and our Alaskan Husky Anouk seems to be very thirsty.

Tokia, my Beautiful Alaskan Husky Not rated yet
Just after a play session with her best doggie friend, Shiloah the wolfdog, Tokia pauses to look around. Her beautiful disposition is only surpassed by …

Our Buddy Not rated yet
Posing for the picture.

Juno Not rated yet
Playin' in her pool...that she eventually tore up into 500 lil' pieces.

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