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The Best Dog Food For Your Husky

Before I get to the best dog food choices for your husky, I want to cover a few things about feeding sled dogs.

If your husky came from a dog yard they are taught to eat immediately when the food is put in front of them. They will have a hard time understanding waiting or sitting for food.

This is not a dominant trait. Mushers need the dogs to eat this way in order to maintain hydration and nutrition on the trail.

Some people soak dog food, some do not. The main reason for soaking is so to ensure your husky is getting a sufficient water intake. Soaking is more important in winter when water bowls freeze, or when you are on the trail and have to melt snow for water.

There is also the idea that soaking food will decrease GDV (gastric dilatation and volvulus or bloat), but there isn't any solid evidence for or against. Bloat happens when the dogs stomach fills with gas and that gas cannot escape. It must be treated immediately or it is FATAL. Symptoms include discomfort when laying down, standing and drooling, and the stomach feels hard.

Alaskan Huskies can get GDV! So research bloat and talk to your veterinarian about symptoms.

Here are some articles on choosing dog food and supplementing

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Two part article on home made dog food.

Part 1 (making homemade dog food)
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What We Feed Our Dogs

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