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Homemade Husky Dog Food (Part Two)

The five most important parts of a homemade husky dog food diet are Protein, Carbs, Fat, Fiber, and Supplements.

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My homemade husky dog food consists of:

1. Chicken livers, gizzards, and chicken meat for the protein, fat, and some carbohydrates.

2. Brown rice for carbohydrates and fiber.

3. Wheat germ for more fiber.

4. Vitamins and minerals.

5. A mixture of cod liver oil and flax seed oil for Omega 3 trans fatty acids and fat content.

6. ONE Sardine per dog per day for Omega 3 trans fatty acids and fat content.

7. Some sort of pro-biotic like organic yogurt. These help to promote the correct digestive bacteria (Fauna) so dogs can process food more efficiently allowing the body to require less of it.

8. I also add some veggies and table scraps if appropriate. Acceptable table scraps does not mean McDonalds.

It means fresh, healthy ingredients.

If your dogs activity level changes, the protein, carbohydrate, and fat levels of the diet should be adjusted as well.

A working Sled dog in the middle of winter can require up to 5000 calories per day, and sometimes more. During long distance races this dog may require upwards of 10,000 calories per day.

This same dog might only require 1000 calories (or less) per day if they live an indoor pet life. These are the things used decide how much of each ingredient should be used.

One of the coolest parts of homemade husky dog food is that the individual ingredients can be changed. If chicken does not agree with your husky, you can change to another source of protein. The same goes for each part of the diet. It really can be designed to meet your dogs every need - especially allergy dogs.

If your homemade husky dog food diet is successful, you can usually see three things:

1. The activity level will increase, and they will appear happier (my dogs are).

2. They will want to play more.

3. Their coats will be nice and shiny (not too greasy, dry, or flaky skin).

And finally,

They will also produce perfect poop. Not to big, not to loose, just right. Poop is one of the best indicators of dog food quality.

A dog in harness needs many calories, and cheap dog food often has more fillers than calories. This means you end up feeding more of it. More food means larger poop volume. A higher quality food allows you to feed less quantity to maintain weight.

Cheap dog food rarely has all the ingredients your dog needs, and are chocked full of chemicals (preservatives).

Each dog is different you will just need to see what works. Any change of diet should be done in small steps so the dogs GI tract has time to adapt and does not become overwhelmed. If your husky has loose poop you might need to increase the fiber content, or decrease the protein or fat.

I have been making my own dog food for about 7 years with great results. My dogs are healthy and happy. The few times they do get commercial food these days and they would not even touch it. I have raced dogs in Alaska with good results using homemade husky dog food.

I know that a good diet is a must for performance. I also know a good diet keeps them healthy and happy with tails wagging as long as possible. This is definitely one of the easiest ways to improve your dogs quality of life, but you need to do it right.Click Here for Part 1 of Making Homemade Dog Food

homemade husky dog food

This article and Alaskan picture was submitted by Eric Zucker, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, dog musher, para-glider, and rifle expert. Eric is a medical student in Hungary, and lives with his 2 dogs Willow and Nudlz.

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